International Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

new naturally ventilated polyhouse
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Main Features Of Structure

  • Stub type-anchoring foundation.
  • Multi-span total galvanized and nut bolted structure.
  • Grid size 6 mtr X 6 mtr X 4mtr providing superior structural strength compared to ordinary greenhouse design which is having grid size 4 mtr X 8 mtr.
  • Naturally ventilated structure providing 30% to 35% ventilation
  • Single piece aluminium Gutter 456 mm wide & 1.20 mm thick.
  • Aerodynamic shape along all peripheries to resist more wind velocity.
  • Chain pulley operated curtains along all peripheries for more ventilation.
  • Specially designed Flap Controls along all periphery to protect curtain damages.
  • The structure is designed to resist wind velocity up to 140 Km/Hr.
  • Polythene fixation shall be done with aluminum profiles & zigzag spring lock.
  • Genigar/equivalent 200 micron UV stabilized polyfilm for top and side (UVA white diffused).
  • 200 micron UV stabilized polyfilm with woven fabric used for apron.
  • Side Insect proof net 40 mesh stitched with apron to get 100% insect proof effect.
  • Single shutter door (hinges) with anti-chamber for entry into greenhouse of size 2mtr x 4 mtr.